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Success Stories

Green Forest

Simple Act of Kindness

“Bob” a 56-year-old male, was unmedicated and an undiagnosed paranoid schizophrenic who was in danger of losing his housing due to non-payment and outbursts in his complex. East Long Ave, Inc. was able to assist and help Bob maintain stable housing and thrive in the community by the following actions. 

The first step was to have the rent payment on time. This seemed like a mountain of a task for Bob, but it only took a simple gesture of kindness. This simple gesture was taking him out to breakfast, his favorite meal of the day. I would show up on Bob's payday and take him to breakfast. After our meal together, we would go to the bank for his rent money and prepare a budget for the rest of his monthly expenses. 

I would also take Bob shopping for essentials. We established a system to store and keep his food to last, including food pantries, grocery store items, and donations. 

Once on track with stable housing and his food insecurities, it was time to get him mental health treatment. Bob would not agree to an inpatient visit. East Long Ave, Inc. set up referrals to a doctor’s office that would accept his insurance. The first doctor appointment was set up, and East Long Ave, Inc. provided transportation and accompanied him during his appointment. This offered moral support and helped with the truth about what was happening with Bob. The appointment was a huge success! East Long Ave, Inc. also helped transport Bob to the pharmacy and helped him get on a successful medication regimen. East Long Ave, Inc. was there for Bob when he had a few setbacks in his treatment plan. ​

Bob has since moved closer to his family. He is now living independently and has a girlfriend! Bob was one of the first and most meaningful individuals to East Long Ave, Inc. What we learned from Bob he taught us more: to have more compassion, to look deeper into what someone is going through, and to have understanding, to be patient, to be a friend, and so much more. EVERYBODY IS SOMEBODY,

and everybody deserves to live, not just exist!


Brighter Days

My story begins with my mother’s death. 

After she died, I went down a really dark path of addiction

and self-destructive behavior.

After a while, I ended up in an inpatient behavioral health hospital;

I thought I would be "stuck" in that hospital forever!

That’s when my social workers told me about Jeannie,

and my world became brighter!

Jeannie worked with the Hospital Liaison to help finalize my discharge and helped me get set up with East Long Ave, Inc., and her team! 

Jeannie and Brittany set me up with comfortable housing and helped me get back on my feet. 

I don’t know where I would be today without East Long Ave, Inc!


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